Jewelry with Artificial stones make the real like look

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The word ‘crystal’ is a concept that is widely used in the jewelry world. Crystal is officially a gem from nature, but there are also artificial crystals. For example, diamond is a natural crystal and cubic zirconia an artificial one. We will tell you exactly what the difference is in this blog!

Natural crystals

Natural crystal originates deep in the cracks of the earth. The minerals that occur in the soil can, under the right conditions and if they have enough space, crystallize. Almost every mineral has a crystal that has a certain shape and color. The more space there is, the bigger the crystal can get. The crystals are extracted in the mines and then cut into the correct shape.

There are many different types of natural crystals in all colors, shapes and sizes. Think for example of rock crystal, amethyst, jade, rose quartz and much more. Diamond is a natural crystal most commonly used for jewelry. It is the strongest transparent gemstone that has a beautiful sparkle. Diamond is very rare and therefore very valuable. Do you want to know more about the diamond? Read all about it in our blog about diamond jewelry.

Artificial crystals

Artificial crystals are developed by humans. The stones can be compared well with the natural crystals, but are a lot less valuable, because they are less rare. In online artificial jewellery stores, you can look for South Indian Necklace Set with price. We have listed the best-known artificial crystal below:


What is Cubic Zirconia? Zirconia (or “cubic zirconia”) is the most popular artificial stone.

It most closely resembles the diamond as it has a similar shine and also sparkles when you hold it up to the light. In addition, zirconia can also be compared to diamonds because they are both strong and hard stones. On the scale that indicates hardness (the Mohs scale) a zirconia scores an 8.5 and a diamond a 10. Although a diamond is a lot stronger, zirconia is also resistant to scratches. The difference between a diamond and zirconia is almost indistinguishable with the naked eye.

Zirconia is made by melting the two elements zirconium and zirconium oxide and heating it to 5000 degrees. When the stone has cooled, it is cut to the same shape as a diamond, with many facets that reflect the light. Zirconia is a good diamond look-a-like, for an affordable price!

The difference between artificial and natural crystals

Now that you know what a natural and an artificial crystal are, we have listed the biggest differences:

  • Natural crystals are much rarer than artificial crystals. In addition, each natural crystal is unique. This also makes the value and price a lot higher.
  • Artificial crystals are generally more pure. They are produced without error, while with natural crystals you have no influence on them, because they arise in nature. You can buy artificial jewellery online with these artificial crystals so that you can get the best look. Artificial crystals can be produced in all colors of the rainbow. Natural crystals can also be colored, but you have no influence on this because it is a natural product.