How online retailers are making so much money due to fashion trends

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Advancements in technology have seen the e-commerce industry change immensely. Using smartphones has changed the way people do business. Mobile conversions have steadily risen with researchers estimating over $100 billion of sales will be made through smartphones by the year 2022.

Customer expectations have also been growing with most expecting stuff like same-day deliveries.

Online retailers have had to adapt to the changing trends like demographics, consumer-brand interactions and a change in their preferences. Retailers who are able to anticipate and adapt accordingly to these changes dominate the online market. If you want to become a dominant player in the online market, here are some pointers to guide you.

Cutting off middlemen

Due to changes in technology, the interaction between customers and brands has changed.  Online retailers are giving customers the opportunity to purchase their favorite fashion designs at factory prices by partnering with specific brands that they host on their websites.

Offer inspiration

Most online stores offer customers a catalog of the products they need. Although this is good, some customers just need inspiration before they make that purchase. Using social media tools like Instagram to showcase and create inspiration for the fashion world. Instagram influencers play a major role in promoting fashion brands and are considered trendsetters by the millions of their adoring fans.

Valuing customer service

Customers expect nothing short of first-class service from an online shop. Retailers offering more centralized customer service make more sales than their competitors. Make your customers feel pampered in your fashion store by offering to tweak that dress to fit the customer’s measurements at no extra cost. Adding a thank you card to each package sent gives the customer the impression they are valued.

Adapt to changing technologies

Most orders made to online fashion shops are done through mobile phones, thus the need for a stand-alone mobile appearance. Research has shown customers are increasingly buying away from online stores and using other means as Instagram buy. Artificial intelligence such as Alexa and Google Home are also another future technology customers are using daily and could end up using to make their purchases.

Embracing social media

Social media is at the heart of everything we do influencing who, how and what we interact with. Linking your online store to social media accounts ensures there is traffic to your store. Instagram buy is making it easy for customers on Instagram to purchase from the fashion store of their choice. Customers share their views on products online a good example is dressilyme reviews. The information shared online is of great value to fashion stores.


Customer experiences continue to be shaped by technological advancements. High expectations and little to no patience is what online stores expect from online shoppers. Easy shopping experience and a secure payment method are what most customers want. Make inroads and become a top online fashion retailer by keeping up with changing technologies and customer trends to increase sales and customer loyalty.